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Another Random Post

Discussions of crazy world events will be continued another day. I'm much too tired to think. Today, as I was driving across the state on no sleep, my long-held opinion was confirmed yet again. Oklahoma is the most beautiful state in the nation! It has a little bit of everything. Anyway, on my way home, I witnessed a classic Oklahoma sky...a pure blue sky lying behind tons of puffy cumulous clouds. It was a sight, but I didn't get a picture. :( Maybe next time.

Now for the bad thing about Oklahoma: The weather can really throw a wrench into things. A few weeks ago we had some possible hairy weather...which caused Mr. Meteorologist to overreact and take up half of Chuck for a storm that didn't amount to much. Of course, it was DVRed, but even DVR can't fix the weather. So, it recorded thirty minutes of weather and thirty minutes of Chuck. I thought, "What's the point of watching half?" Well, that means I missed one Chuck...which means I couldn't watch the next one until I caught up...or the next one...or the next one...or tonight's. (Which, I need to get into bed anyway.) Then, the DVR messed up and all the Chuck episodes were lost...forever. It's a very sad/serious situation. I suppose I'll just have to catch up by watching online. At least I still haven't fallen behind on Lost. YAY FOR BEDTIME!!!


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