There Is Water

At The Bottom Of The Ocean!

Another Random Post

Discussions of crazy world events will be continued another day. I'm much too tired to think. Today, as I was driving across the state on no sleep, my long-held opinion was confirmed yet again. Oklahoma is the most beautiful state in the nation! It has a little bit of everything. Anyway, on my way home, I witnessed a classic Oklahoma sky...a pure blue sky lying behind tons of puffy cumulous clouds. It was a sight, but I didn't get a picture. :( Maybe next time.

Now for the bad thing about Oklahoma: The weather can really throw a wrench into things. A few weeks ago we had some possible hairy weather...which caused Mr. Meteorologist to overreact and take up half of Chuck for a storm that didn't amount to much. Of course, it was DVRed, but even DVR can't fix the weather. So, it recorded thirty minutes of weather and thirty minutes of Chuck. I thought, "What's the point of watching half?" Well, that means I missed one Chuck...which means I couldn't watch the next one until I caught up...or the next one...or the next one...or tonight's. (Which, I need to get into bed anyway.) Then, the DVR messed up and all the Chuck episodes were lost...forever. It's a very sad/serious situation. I suppose I'll just have to catch up by watching online. At least I still haven't fallen behind on Lost. YAY FOR BEDTIME!!!

What in the World Is Going On? Part One

This is a question I've been asking for quite some time. North Korea shoots a missle...Ron Paul supporters are terrorists...members of the UN are asking for a global currency...our national debt is off the charts...the US government wants to put a tax on bovine flatulance...and the sky is falling. Did I miss something? Oh yeah. And most of the country seems to fall into one of three catagories:

1. "I know nothing about any of this. What time's American Idol come on?"

2. "This really stinks. I wish I didn't have to think about all this stuff. Oh wait...I don't. What time's American Idol come on?"

3. "Remember the good ol' days...when the world wasn't ending? Those were good times."

I tend to bounce between two and three. Although, I often wish I were a one. Here's some Glenn Beck to get this started.


I'm officially CPR/First Aid certified. I took my class today, so that's something I can scratch off my to do list.

I also had the privilege of following my GPS to the bumpiest "road" ever conceived. Apparently, it doesn't have a name. My Garmin simply referred to it as "the unpaved road." Oh little GPS. You have such a profound sense of humor.

I still need to recruit/find more Blogger friends. I'm Blogspot friend challenged. :(

The United States government asked the GM CEO to step down and is now in the process of restructuring the struggling company. Fortunately, President Obama reassured the American public and explained that "The United States government has no interest or intention of running GM."

In other news, I have no interest or intention of placing a period at the end of this sentence. Oops!