There Is Water

At The Bottom Of The Ocean!

The Link: Who are you really trying to convince?

After sleeping most of the afternoon/evening away trying to get rid of a borderline migraine, I awoke and proceeded to eat supper as the History Channel played in the background. Eventually, there was a commercial for something they called "the link." The commercial states that "this changes everything." In the ad, they lay claim to finding "the" missing link. My first thought was, "Who are these people trying to convince?" It comes across in a very "I told you so" kind of way. As someone that once believed in evolution, I have to say, I've grown tired of arguing this issue. Yet, here I am again. God made me a skeptic. I'm skeptical about everything. I believe nothing without analyzing it and tearing it to shreds. Absolutely everything must make logical sense to me. It's that simple.

I remember being a God-skeptic. I remember believing in evolution, but it didn't take long for me to start doubting science's beloved theory. I began to see problems. I read and I read and I read...and the more I read, the more problems I had. I wondered if I were crazy. How could a musician see issues with this theory, yet scientists go on believing as if nothing were wrong? The first victim of my skepticism was the age of the Earth. We grow up being told our planet is insanely old. Starting in kindergarten, teachers show us fossils and tell us it took a long time for these fossils to form. Well, the fossils are right there in front of our face, so the Earth must be old. Right? Well, it didn't make sense to me. I can remember being a child and having problems with fossils. They just didn't make sense. If my cat, Felix, dies in the back yard, and his body is left untouched, what happens? His carcass rots away. That means it's absolutely impossible for a fossil to take a long time to form, because if it takes too long, there will be nothing left to fossilize. This simple thought was the beginning of my slippery slope. It by no means disproves evolution, but it sure opened the door for a little doubt. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is, life is too complicated to have evolved from nothing. Scientists can't even create life in a lab. How am I suppose to believe it can just arise by chance? Atheists still baffle me. There are tons of websites and blogs dedicated to "disproving" the existence of God. Why? If you believe there is no God, then why waste your time and energy trying to disprove His existence? If there is no life after death...if this life is all you have, why waste it by arguing your worldview and being angry at everyone that disagrees with you? Who are you really trying to convince?

Freak Out Mode

So, I'm officially in freak out mode. I wanted to get certified to teach in Indiana, but in order to get certified to teach in Indiana, I need an up-to-date Oklahoma certification. Apparently, the Dept. of Ed. is "switching out their system." So...I waited...and waited...and waited...and waited. You get the point. A couple of months later I came to the conclusion that Indiana wasn't going to happen. I thought, "That's okay. God just doesn't want me to be in Indiana, and I'm fine with that. I didn't really like the thought of running off by myself anyway." Obviously, I'll be teaching in Oklahoma in the Fall. Or will I? I called the department of ed. four to six weeks ago. They said two more weeks and my certificate will be here. A month went by, so I called them again. They said it'll be a week or two. I received my certificate on Monday of this week and quickly opened it like a child opening a Christmas present. Once opened, I realized the sad fact that they had sent me the wrong certificate. Printed on the front it clearly says, "Valid From 8/1/2007," "Valid To 6/30/2008," and "Print Date: 5/13/2009." After spending all day Tuesday trying to get ahold of someone that could help me. You know how it goes..."Well, you need to talk to...." Then that person says, "Here. Let me connect you to...." Then that person says, "You need to speak with....but that line is busy. I'll just give you the number, so you can reach them directly." So, like I said, I spent Tuesday just trying to reach someone, but the line was busy. I called the number a few times this morning, and it finally rang. "YES!!!" I tell that person my problem, and what does she do? She sends back to the person I spoke with yesterday at which point that person suddenly realizes she can actually help me. She connects me to the appropriate person...and my cell phone loses the call. "AHHHHHH!!!" Long story short...I should have an up-to-date certificate by Friday or Saturday. Meanwhile, there are only like three or four jobs I'm really interested in taking, and most likely, there are tons of other people eyeing those jobs as well....but guess what? I can't apply for them!!! I'm in freak out mode!

Since My Last Post...

* As part of my job, I spent more than two weeks living in an RV 4x4ing on Coal County's section of the Muddy Boggy Creek...and I didn't see bigfoot once! Although, there were some donkeys running about on the other side of the creek...the side I had the pleasure of "camping" on the previous week. (Apparently, I return to my home away from home tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a sasquach sighting!)

* I took my iMac into the doctor and had my fears realized. It has a "fried" logic board (mother board...I have no clue why Apple calls their "mother board" a "logic board.") Price tag for a new logic board installation..."CHACHING" ... $505.00 plus tax. Yay! I might as well buy a new computer. Mine is 4 years old, but I'm pretty tight when it comes to that kind of thing. My little Mac is plenty fast, so I see no point in splurging. Besides, it's really not the logic board as much as it is the capacitors. Of course, repairmen don't replace capacitors; they replace the whole enchilada. Cost of 29 new capacitors is $35 bucks. The only downside is that I have to do it myself. I'm sure I'll have fun with that. :(

* It rained...A LOT!

* I found out U2 is coming to Norman?!


* Oklahoma picked a State Rock Song?!

* The media/American public overreacted to the "Swine Flu."

* Our fantastic president had Air Force One flown low through New York Harbor, so he could get a picture of it in front of The Statue of Liberty. He's the President of the United States, and he couldn't find a better way to get a photo op of Lady Liberty?! Oh, of course, in doing so, he caused mass panic among the people of New York City.

* I read/listened to around 2.5 books of the Bible. I'm in the process of reading/listening to the entire Bible from cover to cover. As crazy as it sounds, going through it this way seems to be giving me a better grasp of everything. The stories I grew up learning in Sunday School are making much more sense now. And yes, I read and listen to it on my iPod at the same time. :)

* A "new" breed of Pepsi was introduced...sweetened with sugar! This is exciting for me, because I've done away with high fructose corn syrup. It's no longer part of my diet...along with lots of other nasty stuff I no longer consume. This is easier than it just takes a little time to read labels. It took a little over a year to find everything I need to be rid of my least favorite corn product. There's a lot of great sugar sweetened stuff out there. The High Fructose Corn Syrup people are spending tons of money on lobbyist and commercials, but the research speaks for itself. The stuff is bad for you. Anyway, before this week, my only soda choices were Imperial Sugar Cane Dr. Pepper or Jones Cola. Both are very good. Unfortunately, they're extremely difficult to find...which means I just didn't get to drink pop. :( Until the recent return of original recipe Pepsi. Yeah, I would prefer a good ol' fashion high-fructose-free Coca-Cola. Until that happens, Pepsi is wonderful. I drinking one right now. Mmmmmm...Thank you, Pepsi!!!