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Freak Out Mode

So, I'm officially in freak out mode. I wanted to get certified to teach in Indiana, but in order to get certified to teach in Indiana, I need an up-to-date Oklahoma certification. Apparently, the Dept. of Ed. is "switching out their system." So...I waited...and waited...and waited...and waited. You get the point. A couple of months later I came to the conclusion that Indiana wasn't going to happen. I thought, "That's okay. God just doesn't want me to be in Indiana, and I'm fine with that. I didn't really like the thought of running off by myself anyway." Obviously, I'll be teaching in Oklahoma in the Fall. Or will I? I called the department of ed. four to six weeks ago. They said two more weeks and my certificate will be here. A month went by, so I called them again. They said it'll be a week or two. I received my certificate on Monday of this week and quickly opened it like a child opening a Christmas present. Once opened, I realized the sad fact that they had sent me the wrong certificate. Printed on the front it clearly says, "Valid From 8/1/2007," "Valid To 6/30/2008," and "Print Date: 5/13/2009." After spending all day Tuesday trying to get ahold of someone that could help me. You know how it goes..."Well, you need to talk to...." Then that person says, "Here. Let me connect you to...." Then that person says, "You need to speak with....but that line is busy. I'll just give you the number, so you can reach them directly." So, like I said, I spent Tuesday just trying to reach someone, but the line was busy. I called the number a few times this morning, and it finally rang. "YES!!!" I tell that person my problem, and what does she do? She sends back to the person I spoke with yesterday at which point that person suddenly realizes she can actually help me. She connects me to the appropriate person...and my cell phone loses the call. "AHHHHHH!!!" Long story short...I should have an up-to-date certificate by Friday or Saturday. Meanwhile, there are only like three or four jobs I'm really interested in taking, and most likely, there are tons of other people eyeing those jobs as well....but guess what? I can't apply for them!!! I'm in freak out mode!


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