There Is Water

At The Bottom Of The Ocean!

Is This Going to Happen in America?

I'm going to be very clear and very blunt. The Liberal agenda is going to destroy this country. The scariest part is just how fast it's progressing. We're quickly moving toward hate speech laws and gun bans. People have fought and died, so that we can have freedom. Unfortunately, we're apathetic and don't care. Besides, big brother knows best. If they want us to give up freedom (that others fought for), then it's for the best. Give me a break. I remember when the seat belt laws came into effect. It's unconstitutional, but we did nothing. Seat belts save lives, so it's okay I suppose. Most people wear them anyway. Right? Consequently, our government suddenly took on the job of protecting us from ourselves. You know what? I live in the United States. If I want to saw my arm with a plastic spoon, I can. That's my right, and as long as what I'm doing isn't interfering with someone else's rights...then I'm good to go. Thirty year old me being an idiot and not wearing a seat belt effects no one but my stupid self. Government is a necessary evil, but it's always bad. It's bad, because it's ran by man. Period. Now, democracy is a better form of government, because it's inefficient. It's usually really difficult to make big changes, but due to recent events, lobbyist, a bias media, and propaganda these changes can happen fairly quickly. There are people standing up and fighting to take away your rights. Ron Paul tried to warn us, but the propaganda machine that is the American media told us he was off his rocker...and apparently we believed them. Britain's gun ban failure should be all over our TVs, but it's not. Don't you wonder why?

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” - Benjamin Franklin

Offroad MINI?

I went to work today and discovered that the lesser traveled roads that I must navigate were covered by a sheet of ice, and that was fine. The MINI did an amazing job. ("Go little MINI! Go!") Unfortunately, by 5:00PM today that ice had turned into about four to six inches of snowyish ice. Needless to say, my drive home was quite an adventure. I managed to get stuck several times. (Thankfully, I was also able to get unstuck several times as well...admittedly, one of those times it had me wondering if I'd be spending the night out in the middle of nowhere, but after about 10 - 15 minutes of rocking, my car sliding off in a ditch, and a passer by giving me a couple of shoves, I was free to find another place to get stuck!) Once home, I decided to check my car over, since getting stuck over and over probably wasn't the best thing for it. While I was at it, I decided to go ahead and check the oil. I knew it was close to needing a quart. (Rewind about a week. I was on my way to Tulsa when I noticed that my car was running a little hot. It wasn't overheating...just running warmer than normal. Granted, I was driving pretty fast, because I was running late. Driving Fast = Supercharger Being Used. ...but I'd driven that fast before with no issues...and the intercooler should be keeping the engine cool. I decided to pull off and check the oil. It was either the coolant or the intercooler. If there's not enough oil, it seems that the intercooler would have a hard time doing its job. Anyway, it was about half a quart above the fill line, and I drove on...just slower than before. Not using the supercharger seemed to remedy the problem.) Fast forward to now. I pulled the dipstick out and immediately noticed my oil didn't smell quite right. (Not that I make a habit of smelling my oil, but the oder was fairly obvious to me.) Upon closer inspection, I noticed my oil didn't look normal either. ...and I'm thinking, "Please God don't let that be coolant I'm smelling." (That's what it smelled like though) "...and please don't let that be coolant I see in my oil." Coolant in the Engine = Blown Head Gasket or a Cracked Block...or maybe a cracked oil cooler...or possibly something else really bad. I usually use European Castrol. This is MINI brand oil, so maybe the oil just smells funny and looks funny for no reason...oh man, am I hoping that's the case. Here's to funny acting MINI oil! I just hope my warranty covers this.

A Winter Wonderland!

So ice has been falling from the sky for a little over a day now. I might be getting a little cabin feverish. Did I mention the TV isn't working? And that they can't come fix it for another two weeks? To be honest, I don't watch a lot of TV, and I can pretty well entertain myself with a guitar and a computer...but at this point, after being stuck inside for a day, I have to admit I wouldn't mind escaping into a good movie.

Anyway, I at least needed an internet connection. That satellite is the reason I can get on the internet. Unfortunately, as you can see, it was covered in ice, and I couldn't even get enough bandwidth to finish this post. "No biggy," I thought, "It'll only take a few minutes to get the ice off. So, me wearing my long johns, PJs, house shoes, the biggest ugliest coat I own, and a toboggan. (The stocking cap-type of "tobaggan"...not the sled-type.). Needless to say, it was quite an attractive get up. Anyway, the de-icer just froze to it and created more ice, so I had to resort to beating it off with a ladle. After enduring twenty to thirty minutes of my face continuously being pelted my falling sleet, the ice was gone, and I had a frozen right hand. (Notice I said nothing about putting gloves on. Remember, it was only suppose to take a couple of minutes to do this, and I was in a hurry to get this posted. Why I was in a hurry...I have no clue.) The good news about all of this is that I have two keys to my car, and one of them had been missing for the past month or two. Well, thankfully, the missing key was in that big ugly coat that I never wear. So Yay! for that.

Here's my poor frozen/dirty MINI. :(

This is totally randon, but I'm convinced those people at Lindt can make anything taste good. The stuff that sounds like it should be good is, of course, really good. For instance, "Intense Orange" dark chocolate is beyond description. Well, I saw the "Chili" dark chocolate. If they're brave enough to put chili pepper and chocolate together, I don't mind risking my $2.50 to try it. If you're reading this, (and you are) you totally need to try it. It's quite possibly the most interesting and unique chocolate experience ever. I'm mean...spicy chocolate? Who would have thought?

God's Special Class

I've come to the conclusion that when it comes to life and following God's will, I am somewhat learning disabled. I try hard...I really do, but I remain confused. I'm convinced I must be in God's special education class. I can only assume there are a few others in the class, but I can't really be sure since my nose is in the corner most of the time. Thankfully, I serve a patient God.

My Grandmother's Thoughts on the New President

With our country inaugurating a new president, I thought it might be appropriate to inaugurate my new blog as well.  Now, I could post a typical first post and say something about me or this blog, but I think I'll just jump into posting.  

Today, I had the great pleasure of being informed of my grandmother's (Mema's)  opinion of the new president.  She doesn't like him.  Considering my grandmother is the conservative churchgoing type, this didn't surprise me.  Although, I have to admit what came next did throw me for a loop.  Apparently, the first thing that comes to mind when explaining her reasoning is Michelle Obama's taste in clothes.  In her words, she dresses "frumpy."  So, if you're wondering what keeps my grandmother up at night, now you know that she tosses and turns to thoughts of the countries of the world discovering our first lady's disastrous wardrobe. Personally, I find this Jedi outfit to be quite fetching.