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My Grandmother's Thoughts on the New President

With our country inaugurating a new president, I thought it might be appropriate to inaugurate my new blog as well.  Now, I could post a typical first post and say something about me or this blog, but I think I'll just jump into posting.  

Today, I had the great pleasure of being informed of my grandmother's (Mema's)  opinion of the new president.  She doesn't like him.  Considering my grandmother is the conservative churchgoing type, this didn't surprise me.  Although, I have to admit what came next did throw me for a loop.  Apparently, the first thing that comes to mind when explaining her reasoning is Michelle Obama's taste in clothes.  In her words, she dresses "frumpy."  So, if you're wondering what keeps my grandmother up at night, now you know that she tosses and turns to thoughts of the countries of the world discovering our first lady's disastrous wardrobe. Personally, I find this Jedi outfit to be quite fetching.


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