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Is This Going to Happen in America?

I'm going to be very clear and very blunt. The Liberal agenda is going to destroy this country. The scariest part is just how fast it's progressing. We're quickly moving toward hate speech laws and gun bans. People have fought and died, so that we can have freedom. Unfortunately, we're apathetic and don't care. Besides, big brother knows best. If they want us to give up freedom (that others fought for), then it's for the best. Give me a break. I remember when the seat belt laws came into effect. It's unconstitutional, but we did nothing. Seat belts save lives, so it's okay I suppose. Most people wear them anyway. Right? Consequently, our government suddenly took on the job of protecting us from ourselves. You know what? I live in the United States. If I want to saw my arm with a plastic spoon, I can. That's my right, and as long as what I'm doing isn't interfering with someone else's rights...then I'm good to go. Thirty year old me being an idiot and not wearing a seat belt effects no one but my stupid self. Government is a necessary evil, but it's always bad. It's bad, because it's ran by man. Period. Now, democracy is a better form of government, because it's inefficient. It's usually really difficult to make big changes, but due to recent events, lobbyist, a bias media, and propaganda these changes can happen fairly quickly. There are people standing up and fighting to take away your rights. Ron Paul tried to warn us, but the propaganda machine that is the American media told us he was off his rocker...and apparently we believed them. Britain's gun ban failure should be all over our TVs, but it's not. Don't you wonder why?

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” - Benjamin Franklin


Joy Lin said...

I think there are a grand total of two people in the world who have *openly* said the seat-belt law is and my brother.

Seth said...

It's good to know I'm not the only one. :) Your brother must be a pretty cool guy. ;)

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