There Is Water

At The Bottom Of The Ocean!


I've officially gone to an NBA game. I've been watching the OKC Thunder on TV for a while now, but I have to say seeing them in person is so much better. The Ford Center was packed and loud. As we entered, I was carrying my four-year-old niece and reassuring her that this was going to be fun. (She looked a bit shocked. I'm sure 18,000+ people screaming can be a little overwhelming for someone that's only been around four years.) Anyway, I grew up a Knicks fan. Patrick Ewing and John Starks were my basketball heroes. I haven't been interested in the NBA since early high school...but I have to say my interest is renewed. Lots of NBA fans rag on the Thunder, but I'm a firm believer that OKC will have one of the finest teams in the league in the near future. There's lots of young talent on the team. Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook are very promising. Kevin Durant is just crazy awesome and watching him is a blast! (He had 47 points!) Tuesday was the unveiling of the new mascot, "Rumble the Bison," as well. I was truly glad to see that they went with something a little more Oklahoman. Apparently, he plays trap set, can dance....but isn't the best dunker...yet. He just needs a little practice. On a side note, his hair combined with the basketball jersey gave me flash backs to "Teen Wolf." My nieces seemed to really get a kick out of "Rumble" too. Overall, I think he's a very good mascot for an Oklahoma team. The Thunder ended up losing due to a last second shot. (100-98) :( That's okay though. I had fun..and plan to go back for more fun in the future.


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